Boston Export

Boston Export specialises in the manufacturing of stainless steel products Fasteners, Flanges & Pipe Fitting. With its two manufacturing plants – one each in Mumbai and Ahmedabad – it is also well equipped to manufacture High tensile Fasteners, Round Bar, Stainless Steel Plates and Sheets for a plethora of requirements as well applications of various industries. We also house all industrial goods including pipes, tubes, sheets, plates, etc. We strive to replace conventional methods with further refinements in the process such as basic oxygen steel making (BOS). It is done by further lowering the cost of production and escalating the quality of the metal.

In today’s modern world, steel is one of the most common materials that go in the making of a plethora of products. With more than 1.3 Billion tons produced annually, Stainless Steel is a major ingredient in Buildings, Infrastructure, Tools, Huge & Small Ships, Automobiles, Machines, Arms & Ammunition and various other appliances.

As a Quality Conscious Supplier of special purpose and special size fasteners to a large number of engineering and project companies, Boston Export has established itself as a trusted vendor in the Industry. It is mostly chosen by the clients for its niche i.e. Special Purpose Fasteners because they cater to their specific needs.

There is a competitive environment that prevails in the Fastener Industry. But when customers find themselves in a baffled state, they look up to Boston Export as a reliable manufacturer and supplier, which delivers right and premium quality products at a right time and right place thereby, making sure that the working cycle of the client never comes to a halt.

Our Principles are :

Boston Exports aims to achieve the best and an apex position in the industry by fulfilling its commitments and delighting its customers.
For Boston Exports, it is not about trading goods with the buyer but creating a relationship that blooms with the passage of time.
Supplying premium quality products and maintaining the same in the supply chain are some of the commitments that Boston Export follows religiously.
Integrity and Fairness always remain as the credo behind every transaction of Boston Export. Maintaining a healthy relationship with clients and offering them premium goods also falls under the same.

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